Welcome! This page is guided so that
you can get to know
a little better.
   Hi, and thanks for stopping in. My name is
Kathleen Snyder from  Binghamton, NY. I've been
involved with the Shih-tzu breed for over
20 years.
   Along the way I've had the pleasure to work with
some of lifes greatest companions .and was
fortunate to have been able to research and study
this breed with many shiht tzu breeders and
 . I was first intrigued by dog shows after acquiring
my first Shih-tzu., and attending my first AKC dog
show here in Binghamton, NY , as a spectator..
 While there ,I was fortunate enough to have met,
and then been taken under the wings of Carol and
Genevieve DeAngelis  from  Kailasa  Shih-tzu, who
were, and to this day have been my mentors.
    Having entrusted me with my first male and
female,for show and breeding,,all those years ago,
the road for success was  ready to travel..
     Their encouragement and advice has enabled
me to excell in this competitive sport of dogs.
     This, and also the many friendships I have  
made along the way, will last a lifetime.
      Here at Kailing Shih tzu, we are very proud of
our accomplishments over  the years, and have  
always strived in our breedings , for dogs that
excell in health, comformation, and beauty., ...show
dogs and companions alike.
      Thank you for visiting ,and feel free to contact
me with any questions you may have about  this
glorious  breed..I'd Love to meet you !
" A few of my show dogs, past and present"
                                "From left to right"

Tiger, Jonathan, Tequilla,Timothy,Whitney, Duncan,Una,and Fletcher
                                     "Center couch"
                                      "Center stage"
                                     Blush and babies