Fertilizer market downturn: International Fertilizer big privately doing?

Ministry of Commerce website information display, the second week of July, fertilizer prices fell 0.5%, urea, DAP, NPK, potassium chloride prices all declined. Downturn in the fertilizer market loss emotion as viruses spread, maverick, triumph and 30 years of China fertilizer industry asking each other how to do in the future? Including a three international brands of fertilizer trading company in China, including five low-key fertilizer companies launched the "words fat Shenzhen Bay" event, held after causing the industry's attention, we see the big international fertilizer is what layout. The acquisition, development, service, which is the German potash, agriculture Europeanization, Park Kang is doing now.

The acquisition, development, and services of these three things has become the current fertilizer industry wants to know long talk, but when to do, how to do it big may discuss. "Precise focus, out of the woods" is an answer to this three international brands of fertilizer given. Answer is simple and clear, but the opportunity fleeting, practice is rich and varied. The basic principle of only one point, is the business by doing the three things, the formation of an absolute or a relative advantage in the industry.

External manifestation of this advantage is: whether it has the resources, technology and markets.

Resources, technology, market, once the three pillars of fertilizer enterprise development, enterprises with a conventional one has any chance of growth. But the survival and development of the fertilizer industry in excess, the three pillars are indispensable.

Germany is the world's leading potash potash manufacturing and distribution companies, in recent years, efforts to expand and promote magnesium fertilizer, magnesium fertilizer occupies 50% of the global market share. Germany proposed potash: potassium and magnesium fertilizer and magnesium fertilizer will be their main product. Relevant data show that the situation in China Soil severe magnesium deficiency, 53% of severe magnesium deficiency soil. To this end the German potash to China conducted a survey of magnesium resources, is working with domestic enterprises to study nutrient content of potassium and magnesium fertilizer by more than 20% to 40%, but also the recent acquisition of a domestic enterprise synthetic magnesium sulfate, and the establishment of joint Universities international magnesium Research Institute.

Founded 15 years Europeanization of agricultural fertilizer industry is an international force, its development path can be roughly divided into the acquisition, integration, three stages of growth, were from the resource, production and distribution of the full range of layout and form a considerable advantage. Europeanization of Agriculture began operating last year, a number of new projects, including phosphate rock production, synthetic nitrogen project started, and the acquisition of shares of international fertilizer distributor, is expected to put into operation in 2018, two potash project, will become the world's third largest fertilizer production and distribution companies.

In the fertilizer market downturn in 2016, the water-soluble fertilizer is definitely the star. Not only in China, the amount of water-soluble fertilizer in Asia has been growing, but the growth rate is limited, the main obstacle is the use of technically demanding farmers will not use. This Park Kang proposed: the use of water-soluble fertilizer with irrigation system needs with the use of high technology and promotion requirements, after-sales technical service director to become the most critical link.

Layout industry downturn requires companies to accurately grasp the macro market, an accurate assessment of their own strength, "international brand" for the actions of the confusion in the fertilizer business is a revelation.